“Requiem for lost dreams”

read the first line of the book.

I sighed and read on.

So many virtues

hanging, swinging from the stars,

but just one descends.

This little secret

could calm the wildest of storms,

and storms I have seen.

Done in like the tide

drying out under the sun,

wondering what’s next.

Just to freely roam

is my wish one, two, and three.

Roam and nothing else.

You uprooted me

in the best possible way,

by giving me space.

And unknowingly,

we reignited the spark

that time had erased.

To live in reverse

has always been my blessing

and always your curse.

At the break of dawn

I sit on the precipice

me, myself and I.

Winter neon hues

splayed across an empty sky,

what spectral beauty.

Que Si

introvert & minimalist with a love for detail

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